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Who killed President John Kennedy

Thought of the day - 15/11/2004
By Parvatabhuäla

At the beginning of cool war, the tension between USA and French (Charles De Gaulle and John Kennedy) was really extreme, too much extreme that it was going to exploide by the assassination of Kohn Kennedy to ‘normalise’ the relation between USA and French, at least, the facade.

Of course, the ex president of America, John Kennedy was strongly opposed for an independent nuclear project wanted at any cost by Charles De Gaulle. In one word, John Kennedy wanted French to be dependent of USA and take side with USA to fight against that mortal red virus; which is going to harm so many human life;  as the case of South Korean or Japan….etc… a too much arrogant big ambition in the eye of Charles De Gaulle.

Exteriorly, whatever people can see or believe but in reality French people is the most prideful fanatic extremist nationalist people on earth whether their intellectual or social class, and they always considered themselves as a most powerful and intelligent superior people to be submitted by another race and please, not the American.

It is yet easily to remark it through their media and their daily life. Indeed, hatred and jealous are the most evil sickness of all. The hatred and jealous that Charles de Gaulle held in his heart (reincarnate by Chirac) for USA is too immense, too potent, so strong like an infected epidemic, a compelling volcano in eruption that nothing can put it out, no remedy can cure it, no grace can save his painful and hateful soul and this sickness was going to explode, spread over to the worldwide dimension during the cool war to the image of Charles the fierce Gaulle/French crusade anti USA under the appearance of anti Vietnam war crusade. Sad fact anyway, because evidently the virus Anti-American is a long live and well contagious virus because it recently had contaminated M. Chirac and millions others red brain all over the world with the ugly anti-American or anti-Irakist war fever.

In reality; Vietnam anti war crusade of Charles de Gaulle as Irakist anti war crusade of Chirac are only the pretexts, the camouflage of ‘French’ anti American policy and hatred. To reach this evil needs, De Gaulle as Chirac, have used any thing in their power to psychological manipulate, influence people around the world to hate USA as them. They did have created millions of their clones in Africa , in Middle Orient, in Asia …..etc even in the very heart of USA itself (reincarnating by Kerry and his clan) to fight USA for them.

At the commencement of the cool war, French did use their irrefutably weight to influence and brainwashed some of Khmer leaders to serve their anti American policy, reincarnated (primitively) by Sihanouk, Pol Pot, Kieu Samphan, and Cambodian leftist clan. Being educated and idealised by French cervel and system, those Khmers leaders were unconsciously become French tools. As evident to his thesis; Keiu Samphan was really deeply brainwashed by French. Cambodia at that period is like Cote d’Ivoire today, one you are in French hand, you can’t get out or you will die. French will do anything to make you die and die in the most miserable and atrocious condition possible.

Countless fact of French crime against humanity are left in the numerous countries that are invaded or colonised by French whatever in Africa, in Asia or Middle east ....etc... Just take example of few counties influenced/controlled by French like Cambodia , Congo , Rawanda, …etc… French left the most atrocious genocide and human tragedy in behind their path where they went but they can come out clean as the cloths come out of cleaning machine. Lately, French had‘predicted’(warming) to the president and people of Cote d’Ivoire that, Cote Ivory will drown in the blood bath if they continue to chasse French out of their country. A well frightening warning if we remember Rwanda . Then, who can be definitively say that, it was not French who secretly organised, forged or influenced, directly or indirectly, the murdering on the person of John Kennedy to feed their ill hatred? And who can guarantee that they are now not organising, influencing the murder of G.W Bush in many way to be replaced by one of their partisans or clones then why they have tried that hard leading that worldly anti American crusade against USA. (Remember some of the counsellors of ex USA presidents Bill Clinton were French)

Finally, whatever who killed John Kennedy or whatever USA had win cool war and still posts as a most influential country on earth but since French led and leading crusade anti American through Anti Vietnam war crusade of De Gaulle and Irakis Anti war crusade of Chirac, USA is dangerously divided into two big tendency which weaker the USA. (Text sensible to be modified with the new elements ) Khmer Vision

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