Tsunami, Humanity or inter imperialists rival,


Though of the Day - 7Jan/2005
By Parvatabhuäla

Since the Tsunami catastrophe in Africa, South Asia and specially in South East Asia, all the world sounds stop and still, something strange is passing by. The world is crying its dead…..?!!! May be …?!!! With those horrible image of the devastated regions passing in buckle continually on every TV screen, all people sound so shocked, so traumatized, so surprised as if they never have seen any thing of the kind in all their life and yet and yet…..  Irresistible to those massive media influence, most of them are metamorphosed at one into the good Samaritans and their generosities are passed over every border.

Since the 26th Dec after the Tsunami passed, many impressing human chains are organised in all its form and shape from the biggest echelon to a tiny insignificant one from America continent to Europe….etc, a vast mobilisation never seen that remains us of Charles De Gaulle anti Vietnam war and Chirac anti Irakist war. As it is confirmed today by Cofi Annan today, not less than 2 milliards $ are promised from the rich and influenced countries.  But Kofi Annan is very pessimist about those impressive spectacular promised dons because as it is showed in the past, so tiny amount of helps will reach the victims.

Whatever while the France, hypocrite and coward, acts as hyenas or viper of Eden, USA, always faithful to its believe, direct yet so arrogant and imprudent as usual; show their impressing muscle by threatening to create an extraordinary organisation with few of its friendly countries to act over UNO, an ambition that is died since today.. No matter , USA has sent an impressing army to help the Indonesians in distress. A reaction that is very bad took by many other influenced countries specially its enemy number one, the France.

In France, you can’t neither flee nor fight against those vast media influence  well planed and programmed to touch the sensibility of the public as they have did during Charles De Gaulle and Chirac antiwar/anti–American - or more; as they did to help Palestine/terrorism by showing the only side of the story or badness to influence and incite people to the violence and hatred against Israelis and American people.  In every corner of the market or public place, they are there little, small and big, tiny to ask you a piece of money to help those poor people. Some organisation can’t anymore manage the abundant dons which some organisations have to vively invite people to stop sending them the (material) dons. The MSF had even asked people to stop sending them any don, even money. The world is so generous, too much thus....

Then why the same mass of people is so indifferent to those millions child and poor people who were/are living in extreme poverty in tiers-world countries. Those millions child around the world who live of eating garbage, of begging or prostitute, of selling body for any kind of work just to earn a piece of nouriture to put in their stomach…..etc.! Whatever they do, those children, those poor people still die of hungry, of malnutrition or poor hygiene in a most miserable pitiful condition in total  indifferent of everyone’s eyes?!!!  Why, why, why…..?!!!! Because they have nothing to be profit, to earn or they are born to be sacrifice?!!!  Why the same mass of people is so indifferent while there are the massed killings in Rwanda, in Somali, in Congo, Côte Ivoire , in Cambodia and in other tier-world countries……etc.

Where they are and why they are so silent now and then while the France and their communist friends let the ferious neo colonial, the imperialist policy and the inter-imperialist war in Africa, in Asia….etc in all its shape and form to earn some parcel of the market, to exploit the natural resources of those countries (petrol, gaze, uranium, rare metals, bois, etc.), the fierce fight which caused the death of millions innocent life.

Where they are while the cold-war and the communism killed not less than three millions of Khmer people in a most atrocious inhuman condition during more than three years? But they let the same criminals/Vietcong took over Cambodia to finish the genocide started early by Khmer rouge in order to extinct Khmer race to be replaced by the Vietcong race. Worse, some of them write false, fake and defamed history on the memory of those victims to cover their own crime, the crime of their country or defend those criminals whom to their eyes, are more profitable than to defend the victims. As the matter of fact, they are preparing a sembling tribunal of Khmer rouge which one they will associate to the band of the criminal to judge the victims to cover their crime and defend their interests. A fake tribunal that resemble to a machine of cleaning crime than a tribunal to find the justice for the victims.

It is evident , if those people are so kind and so human as it is showed in these last days, the world should be a better place to live and it would not have such suffering and ferocious rival wars around the world which caused all kind of insolent human tragedy. But unfortunately, the reality is much more cruel and ferocious than the fiction or artifice. It is only a semblance of humanity, the mercy of the vultures, the tears of the crocodiles. Then it should never question of humanity but the strategy/tactics of the vultures.

Of course , behind each guest of the so-called ' humanity', 'mercy' or 'generosity'of those influenced countries, specially the France, it is again, question of neo imperialist or inter-imperialist conflict strategy. In each gesture of their so called ‘humanity’ hide the secret criminal and bloody background or agenda. It is again, question of an important geopolitics, a parcel of market for few pieces of money, cheap manoeuvre, ideological influence or rights to exploitation of natural resources (matières premières)

Certainly, it is incontestable that some particulars may give by heart eventhough they still act under the influence of their medias and most are consent with the policy of their country, of their leaders. It is probably the reasons that India refuses aides proposed by international and some extreme generous people. They may realise that, those helps may kill their people in long term than Tsunami as it is happened and happening in Cambodia, in Africa and other tiers-world countries around the world. It is may be a message that the tiers-world wants to send to those vultures, keep your helps but stop to pillage our goods, our richness. Stop to create, nourish, support or maintain those puppets, those dictators, those human bombs, those killing machines to extort us, to oppress us or murder us. Stop to trade those dangerous arms as the mine anti- personnelle and other mortal arms to kill us for money, for richness, for your game or for exploitation of our natural resource. That’s all we ask.

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