Auschwitz , 60 years after, at least they talk…
Thought of the day - Jan 26 2005
By Vyadha

60 years after that horrify atrociousness against Jewish by the Nazi, the subject is till now and then an awful taboo - Why then? Is it because that horrible crime is overtly and directly committed in collective with that consent and complicity by so many nations ‘say’ civilised, intelligent who self claimed as superiors of all? - A real communal duty for French as for Hitler and others anyway.

During that period not less that 76 000 Jewish in French were pointed, listed by French authorities. They were then denaturalized, isolated and eradicate all rights and possessions with the mutual complicity of French authorities. Then with consent and release, French had delivered those Jewish to Nazi. But French did better, they even arrested those little child whom were not been requested by the Nazi and sent them together to the died camp of Auswitz. After the liberation of the died camps by Army rouge in Jan 26 1945, only 2500 of them were alive. Even though it was in 1995, 50 years after, that French is timidly recognised their crime against Jewish people.

A well strange miracle day, today not less than 45 State leaders united at Auschwitz to commemorate the 60th birthday of the liberation of of Auschwitz together. Not less than two millions women, men and child were perished in that died camps Auswitz in a most atrocious and lamentable inhuman condition.

Chirac had personally travelled to Auschwitz to visit the camps with Simon veil and as usual with the sea of sweet talk and promis he formally condemned the crime committed by Nazi and promised to fight against any criminal act.

Of course, it would be a too human and kind gesture to be real from a French politician like Mr Chirac or Mr De Gaulle because while Mr. Chirac is pursing his tear of crocodile at Auschwitz camps, he and his French continue to lead a well fierce policy against Jewish, against USA and against other poor nations around the world in all its form and shape in the name of political or economic interest whether the imperialist dream or rights of exploitation of natural resources.

In a recently speech addressed to its members at UNO siege, Kofi Annan firmly denounced the atrociousness against Jewish and regretted the inability and incapacity of UNO in stopping the recent genocide against Cambodian people, Armenian people or Rwandan people…..etc..

But Mr Kofi Annan; what to do while most of those horrible crimes against humanity whether in Asia, in Europe or in Africa are incontestably and indirectly or indirectly provoked/committed by the highest and permanent members of the UNO itself as China, RUSS or French ….etc… for imperialist rival, ideological conflict and exploitation natural resources.

What is UNO then?!!!!!!!!! - United Nation occultism of genocide/crime where the criminal explore the most modern and wise ways to kill other for their interests?! - An institution of the intelligent criminals where the most powerful or influent States unit to commit and clean their crime ..?!!! What is UNO for then? Where is the credibility of such organisation Mr. Kofi Annan?

Stop that crime against humanity and that cleaning crime institutions Mr Kofi Annan!
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